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Katarina Gospic

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Katarina Gospic is an M.D., Ph.D. and a M.Sc. in Physiology from the Karolinska Institute. She has more than 10 years of experience in brain research and neuroeconomics. Katarina is an entrepreneur, running THE company Brainbow Labs.

She is a requested lecturer, the author of four books, has her own podcast and is a frequent guest in media.

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Katarina is a brain expert helping companies understand processes from a functional brain perspective. She specializes in decision making, neuroeconomics, neuroleadership, future work spaces and social e-learning in VR.

Examples of previous assignments:


For Telenor, a global telecom company she put together a workfulness program to help workers get a sound relationship to their digital devices in their working environment.

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For Skanska, a global construction company, Katarina designed a health intervention program to boost health and wellbeing.


For Unibet, a global betting company, she provided a neuroscientific perspective on decision making.

Katarina Gospic


Katarina Gospic has several years of experience lecturing, both within and outside academia. She has an ability to make difficult things easy to understand and implement abstract research into concrete tips that can be used in everyday life. Katarina’s lectures are easy to acquire regardless of skill level.

Below are a few suggestions on what Katarina’s lectures can be about. Usually, a lecture is 1 hour, but of course it is possible to personalize both content and time so it fits your company. All lectures can be given in English.

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  • Perform on top!

    Change is present 24/7. There will be no pause from digitalization nor globalization. How do we handle constant development and adjust accordingly? How do we make people perform on top of their capacity long term?

  • The digital brain.

    Technology puts intense pressure on the brain to process and use information wisely. How do we handle information overflow and work smarter instead of more?

  • Behavioral design.

    How do we design our surroundings to make people do what we want them to do? It is not just the physical environment around us that effects our choices, how we package, and present alternatives is crucial for choice behavior.

  • Future of learning.

    How will the future leaning and work environments look like? Why do we put so much effort in to the physical world when future technology like VR and AR gives us opportunities beyond? How can we boost learning and work performance by considering elements of brain function?

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